3 Pictures Revisited


1st Entry 001

1st Entry 002

1st Entry 003

Upon the completion of the unit and with 13 weeks of theories and knowledge to draw from, I am finding that these three images are a lot more stimulating and rich in information than they were when i first reflected upon them in week 1. 

In all 3 images, the large casino building is a dominant feature. This indicates that it is a major landmark within the urban fabric and a major element within the city. The casino building is out of proportion with the building around it and as a result, it becomes the dominant structure in the space and overshadows its neighboors. This could reflect its importance in terms of generating income and attracting people to the area .

The street layout in the images are fairly simple in terms of main roads, however, smaller connecting streets are complex and organically layed out. The area directly South of the casino building seems to be the older portion of the city and this is indicated by the organic layout and the density of the buildings. The development towards the North of the casino seems to be planned and more recent. Although street layouts are still curvy and irregular, they are a lot more spread out and cadastre and land parcels can be seen somewhat. These two different developments could be defined as separate districts and together with the casino building and its immediate surroundings, the urban  landscape in the images can be divided into 3 districts. 

This analysis has showcased some of the tools learnt during the semester and hopefully a clearer and more appropriate description has been provided. 


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