Reflection on the Semester.


This semester has been challenging in more ways than one, but overall, I think the outcomes have been successful.

As a whole, Architecture in the City has greatly assisted various aspects of my studies and reinforced the interest that i had in city planning and urban design. The subject has contributed towards other subjects and provided me with a solid base of knowledge on the subject of town planning and the effects that design can have on an urban environment. In particular, I have found that studying this subject in conjunction with Urban Design has been very useful. A large number of concepts and theories overlap, and Urban Design has given me an opportunity to utilise the tools and knowledge I have gained in a practical and relevant manner.

All 3 assessment pieces have contributed towards my learning this semester and the 3 learning modules were immensely helpful. Each one provided a base of knowledge and an overview of the techniques used to represent certain aspects of an urban environment. These tools came in handy in both the group project and the final poster.

The group project was challenging because of the city we were given. The lack of available information made it extremely difficult to research and find any information on the project. In the end we had to resort to searching in Spanish and translating any results. The group worked well together and there were no issues that affected our project and this is evident in the quality of the presentation and the scale model.

The final project was also challenging for a number of reasons. The broad and unspecific nature of the task was the first hurdle that needed to be overcome. However, once a suitable outcome and focal point were established the project flowed fairly smoothly. A lot of information was readily available as in had been found and used in project 2. This made the task significantly easier and the general knowledge developed of the city in project 2 also assisted in developing an effective outcome. Breaking my wrist forced me to change some of my plans due to my inability to draw and I was forced to use pictures rather than the sketches that I originally wanted to produce. Overall though, i think that considering the circumstances, the final product is quite effective and the cra has been satisfied to a reasonably high level. 




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