PROJECT 3- Final Thoughts and Reflection.



The Final Poster

The Final Poster


I think the project went well and was successful in developing theories regarding the industrial facility and the effect that it has has on the urban fabric of San Pedro de Macoris.

I believe the poster is well structured and the text is easy to read and has a good flow to it. Ideally I would have liked to incorporate some sketches and some more detailed and resolved analytic maps into the project, however, fracturing my wrist the week before it was due prevented me from doing so. I still think that the final poster is quite effective in representing the theories developed and the ideas that were resolved during the development of the project. 

I think the project helped further my knowledge of city planning and urban development. I was able to compare existing theories to the development of San Pedro de Macoris and this helped me realise how many factors can influence the development of a city and its urban form. 

Overall the project was completed as effectively as the circumstances allowed and the final product is satisfactory. 


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