Architecture and the Landscape.


During the week 12 lecture, Professor Peter Richards made the connection between landscaping and architecture and highlighted the fact that an effective landscape plan and various other siting factors are integral to the success of a project. Orientation, materials and built form were investigated in relation to how they can affect sustainable architecture and various examples were explored during the lecture. I found this particularly interesting as it is a real world problem  and directly relate able to any project. 

This got me thinking about how landscaping and an effectively designed building can shape a place and influence users or visitors perception of it. Creating an aesthetically pleasing building provides a superficial layer that immediately influences a persons views, however, deeper attributes such as functionality and the relationship a building has with the site and the context can further enhance the success of the development. Interesting and unique outdoor spaces can invite people to linger and occupy street or square spaces and create vibrant, active environments. This is an aspect of city planning that i think its integral to its success and a lot of emphasis should be placed on this. 




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