Eco Cities


The week 10 lecture was done in 2 parts, the first part was presented by Susan Loh and it was based on Eco Cities and cities of the future. Susan explored various current and future ideals for Eco cities, there advantages and the challenges that designers face in turning their concepts into reality. 

I found this portion of the lecture interesting as it provided an insight into the progression of city planning and the route that many designers are taking. The lecture also highlighted the history of Eco cities, with examples such as the garden city plan explored. The garden city plan represents a central hub that is separated from various other outer hubs by a large green zone. This creates a buffer between residential and industrial areas and effectively, creates a healthier living environment. 

Garden City Plan

Garden City Plan

The possible future of eco cities was also explored. This looked at architects and designers visions of the future and how green spaces can be integrated into a cityscape. Green roofs and park spaces dominate these visions and many look similar in regards to the emphasis placed on vegetation. 

Eco City Concept

Eco City Concept



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