San Pedro de Macoris- WHERE AND WHY.


For the group project, our group which consists of myself, Richard Yang, Cameron Gibbons and Kurt Sheperd were given the choice of two Caribbean port cities: La Romana and San Pedro de Macoris. Both of these cities are fairly undeveloped and small and are located on the Southern coast of the Dominican Republic.  After a quick investigation into the both cities, the group decided that San Pedro de Macoris would be the option more suited to the task.

The following set of images illustrate the broader context of the city and its location within the Dominican Republic.




The above map indicates the close proximity of the two cities that were given to the group as options for the project. The chosen city, San Pedro de Macoris is located a short distance to the West of the second choice, La Romana. Both cities are located along the coast and within close proximity to a river system.


As indicated in the image above, San Pedro de Macoris, is located along the Southern coast of the Dominican Republic and adjacent to the mouth of a large river. This indicates that the city relies heavily on river and ocean and indicates that there may be a large fishing community within the town.



In terms of the city layout of San Pedro de Macoris, the urban landscape is varied and diverse. The map indicates a number of organic spaces as well as a large planned area towards the centre of the city. The origins of the city and the manner in which it was established may provide an insight into why this has occurred. There are very few landmarks within the city and this makes reading it and understanding the cityscape very difficult. There are a number of what seem to be large, factory buildings, which indicates there may be a thriving industry within San Pedro de Macoris.


When compared to La Romana, San Pedro de Macoris appeared to offer more of an opportunity and a more interesting urban environment to investigate. La Romana appears to be largely planned, as is indicated by the grid like pattern of streets throughout the city.

As a result, the group opted to focus the project on San Pedro de Macoris.

*All images were sourced from Google Maps. 


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