Personal Perceptions


In the first part of the lecture, Dr. Mirko Guaralda brought up the point that as architects, our perceptions of the spaces we create are not necessarily the same as the people who may use or visit the space. 

I found this notion to be particularly evocative and made it made me realise the importance of considering the final user and the context in which a space may be used once completed. It also highlights the need to try and make a design user friendly and as easy to understand as possible. For example, if you would like people to occupy a certain space for a period of time, placing a bench or another device of a similar nature in the space may help to achieve this. 

Mirko also brought up the effect cultural difference and like experiences can have on ones perception of a space. People tend to view places the visit regularly as “thick” with activity and opportunities, while places they visit less often are perceived as “thin” and lacking in services and activity. These are only personal perceptions though and neither one may be true for a specific place, but that is the way they are viewed by an individual. 


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