What is Architecture? What is GOOD Architecture?


What is Architecture? What is GOOD Architecture?

Shown the above picture and posed the question as to what influences good architecture, this simple tasked provoked a multitude of conceptions regarding architecture, the built environment and an urban context. 

First of all, it highlighted the fact that a new building, changes the existing urban fabric and it is up to the designer to determine if the outcome will be positive or negative. The image also questions the excitability of traditional design styles, in the “i love my neighbours” thumbnail. 

From a personal perspective i believe that all 3 installations have some merit to them. Although they all portray different outcomes, it is clear that each one has been influenced by its surroundings and the immediate context, even if the result of this was to create something completely different. For me, the most important part of creating a successful piece of architecture in an urban setting is to ensure that it relates well to the existing built environment and addresses relevant aspects of its surroundings. 


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