3 Pictures – 3 Observations

3 Pictures – 3 Observations

During the week 1 lecture, the class was presented with 3 different images of one coastal city and asked to make and reflect upon 3 different observations about the urban landscape. 

The three images are pictured below. 

1st Entry 001

Image 1- Aerial view

1st Entry 002

Image 2- Front view

1st Entry 003

Image 3- Close up view

3 Observations:

  • The manner in which the city addresses the waterfront is very interesting and different throughout various parts of the city. 
  • There is a large variety in the scale and style of buildings within the city. 
  • The city has formed around the natural landscape, rather than reshaping the landscape to meet the needs of the city. 

There are a number of different building typologies within the 3 images. There are small, older, traditional houses and apartment blocks towards the south. this portion of the city is very dense and it is unclear as to whether or not there is was any organising factor in the development of this area. The center of the city is dominated by a very large building, which is vastly out of scale with its surroundings and is very imposing on the cityscape. This building could very well be a key attraction of the town, however it seems somewhat out of place among the older structures. The northern part of the city is less dense than the south as a vague grid like pattern is almost visible, indicating that this portion of the city may have been planned. 


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